Chicago Early Learning Phase Three

We’re deep into work on the next phase of our Chicago Early Learning. The key work here is to turn the existing system from a sortable web listing of locations into a robust jumping off point for parents and caregivers seeking to enroll their children. Here’s some of the work ahead:

Facilitating Enrollment
Phase Three is about facilitating the actual enrollment process. Since we have an existing site that allows users to select and view specific locations, we are thinking really hard about how to integrate this new experience.

We are creating a “Contact Me” tool for each location. This process starts when users choose locations for  comparison. With the new feature, users will not only be able to compare locations but also kick off communication with locations of their choosing.

Additional Information
Users have told us they would like to have information about eligibility and tuition, especially payment options and we will build out aspects of the portal  – particularly our FAQs – to connect users to this kind of information in English and Spanish.

User Feedback and Ongoing Communication
We will building an option that will let users give us feedback on the portal. We are also initiating a “Keep in touch!” option that will add people to a Chicago Early Learning  mailing list. These users will receive notifications about enrollment dates, early learning resources in their area, the importance of attendance, etc.

One of the most important elements involves deeper coordination between online and offline communications and marketing, particularly with the City’s Chicago: Ready to Learn program. We’re getting input from them to get an updated understanding of the needs of parents & caregivers as they use the site.

Gabrielle Lyon is running this  project lead and Scott Robbin is the developer. Questions, comments, and feedback are always welcome at

Chicago Early Learning Homepage

Chicago Early Learning Homepage