Chicago Health Atlas Data Feeds

Today we’ve added support for querying the data that appears on Chicago Health Atlas by adding JSON endpoints for the major pages. If you want to get access to the underlying data that drives our maps and charts, just add “.json” to the URL of pretty much any page and we’ve got you covered.


You can see all community area and zip code boundaries in Chicago by eyeballing our map:

Chicago Health Atlas Map

Or you can see the raw data

Chicago Health Atlas Places JSON

You can see all birth rate data by year or see the data all at once.
Birth rate data for the Loop area with confidence intervals as json.

Thanks to Dan Sinker and Cory Nissen for asking for this feature and Derek Eder for getting it done lickety-split.



See also Cory’s method for querying this site– thanks for doing this, Cory.

Have at it!