Dearborn Homes Lab Provides Residents Computer Access, Job Resources and Training

Minimizing the city’s digital divide by providing computer education and access to everyone, the Chicago Housing Authority is opening  technology centers in residential developments.

The Dearborn Homes Technology Center, located near 29th and State Street, is equipped with 28 computers and will provide CHA residents with the chance to learn computer and web-browsing skills through weekly instructor-led classes. While there are now computer centers at seven other resident developments, the technology center at Dearborn Homes was the first of its kind at a CHA site.

Besides offering classes, the lab will also give residents access to resume critiques and the freedom to explore new job opportunities.

Funding for the lab was made possible through grants from the city of Chicago and Broadband Technology Opportunities Program grant with a portion of the grant money being used to train CHA residents to become instructors at the tech center.

In a written statement, CHA officials say it’s crucial that residents be able to cross the digital divide, and they hope the new centers’ computer skills training, job search resources and broadband access can help.

Chicago Housing Authority, in partnership with qualified trainers from TEC Services, Inc., provides training in Digital Literacy, Microsoft Office and other topics. For a full schedule of courses visit