Environmental Group at OpenGov Hack Night

This summer, Smart Chicago Collaborative is participating in the IgniteTech Summer Program. Smart Chicago Interns Jessica Waller and Lissette Lagunas will be attending the OpenGov Hack Nights and writing about the different breakout groups. – Dan O’Neil

Environmental Group at OpenGov Hack Night

Many people already in the technology industry or wanting to join the industry come together for a presentation and a breakout group every Tuesday night from 6pm to  8pm at the Merchandise Mart plaza in downtown Chicago, Illinois. This group is all about  the environment ,things that happen in the environment and the different cause and effects done in the environment.

Environment Group-Scott Beslow


Breaking Out

At the end of hack night presentations, people break out into different groups to work. Scott Beslow leads these sessions but everybody has a part. Anybody can join this group but they have to be willing to consistently show up to the group. Environmentalists must have the will power due to always having a task to do. The group does insists on everybody joining the group to at  least get an idea of how you are able to help the City of Chicago.

Running the Training

Environmentalists get started by introducing themselves by their names and what they feel needs fixed in the Environment. Everybody has the free will to talk, give their own inputs and ask questions. Here is one resource that Scott Beslow gave out several times to the Environment Group it is called the NOAA  quality controlled local climate  data base.

What the Environment group learned this week

Chicago Deep Tunnel Project header
This week during the session, the Group updated all new-comers on what exactly the Environment group does and what it stands for and believes in. Scott Beslow explains that there are separate programs in the group that are currently in progress. The newest of the 2 projects is the Recycling Program, this program attracts many people but unfortunately it is so organized that new-comers have nowhere to go. Everybody has a task in the recycling program. On the other hand, the Sewage Program, the oldest of the 2 programs, always has places for new-comers to go.Many people are looking forward to going back to OpenGov Hacknight and joining the Environment Group and finding out what they plan to do and what they have already achieved in doing to better the City of Chicago and its Environment.

To get involved

If you would like to join us for a way to communicate with others and learn new ways of advancing your experience in cleaning up the environment and City of Chicago in many different ways, please check out our website for a way to sign up. The Environment Group will be looking forward to seeing you.