Incomplete List of Cook County Property Data Tools

328px-Seal_of_Cook_County,_Illinois.svgAs we continue our work on our Cook County Open Data project,  we are exploring already existing tools for interacting with Cook County Government data. Josh Kalov created this directory of ones that may be useful. Over the next several months we will do tutorials and write more information about many of these. As we work to add more raw data and update existing data, it’s important to see and use the vastly helpful tools that the County has invested in to allow residents to learn more about property.

County (Multi-Agency)

  • Cook County Open Data Portal: Find open data released by Cook County
  • CookViewer Map Application: Search by address or PIN number or browse the map to find property and other information
  • Cook County Facilities Map: Locate Cook County facilities
  • Cook County Property Tax Portal: Find property tax and assessment information in one place.

Cook County Clerk

Treasurer’s Office

Recorder of Deeds

  • 20/20 Documents Search: Search for recorded documents and order or download copies
  • Property Fraud Alert: Learn more about property fraud and sign up for free Property Fraud Alerts.
  • Forms: View and print forms from the Recorders office.

Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County

Cook County Assessor’s Office