New Cook County Data: Unincorporated Zoning

Last month, in December 2014, the Cook County GIS Department added data on unincorporated zoning information to Cook County’s Open Data Portal. The data comes in two varieties – by parcel and by zoning district. They include information on Agency ID, Agency Description, Zone ID, Zone Description, Zone Notes, Zone Label, Zone Ordinance, and PIN (in the Parcel data set). These data sets can be downloaded as KML, Shapefile, CSV, and JSON.

Cook County Unincorporated Zoning by Parcel

This data is provided by the Cook County Department Of Building and Zoning and is maintained by the Cook County Zoning Board of Appeals. Unincorporated land is land that doesn’t belong to any particular city. About 100,000 residents live in these areas.

Municipalities maintain zoning for their incorporated land. The City of Chicago’s Zoning District Boundaries data can be found here.