Chicago Public Media

Chicago Public Media is a public media institution deeply invested in the civic life and health of the community they serve.

We have partnered with them in Civic Works, where they help generate two hundred pieces of content about civic technology. Support from The Trust and the Knight Foundation helped jump start the  WBEZ Public Data Blog, which is dedicated to examining and promoting civic data in Chicago, Cook County and Illinois. They'll also post original data sets to @OpenSocrata.

Recent news from projects related to WBEZ

Cook County Forest Preserves Map

Where can I bring my dog? How do I access that trail? Where can I go cross country skiing? Where
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Good News!!! The Smart Chicago team is moving and now will be co-located with the City Digital Team at UI
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National Day 2015 Round-up

Last week was a busy week for civic technologists in Chicago with several events being held throughout the city as
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Dan O’Neil on WBEZ re: the Limits of Open Data

On Monday, Smart Chicago Executive Director Dan O’Neil went on WBEZ’s Tech Shift to talk about what the Homan Square
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Catch Tracy Siska on WBEZ’s Morning Shift

Tracy Siska, one of our partners in our Convicted in Cook Project, will be on WBEZ’s Morning Shift this morning, Monday, January 5,
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Cook County Burial Locations Featured on WBEZ

On October 27, Cook County Chief Medical Examiner was on WBEZ’s Afternoon Shift talking about their burial data.  The data set 
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Catch Christopher Whitaker on WBEZ’s Afternoon Shift talking Code for America Summit

Our consultant, Christopher Whitaker, will be on WBEZ with Demond Drummer and Cathy Deng to talk about the Code for
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Smart Chicago’s Sonja Marziano on Tech Shift talking School of Data

On Monday, Smart Chicago Collaborative’s Sonja Marziano appeared on WBEZ’s OpenTech Shift to talk about the this weekend’s Chicago School
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CivicWorks Project Extended

Big update on our CivicWorks Project— it has been extended and we’re getting lots more work done. The Civic Works Project
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Kyla Williams on WBEZ Tech Shift, Talking Chicago Health Atlas

Full audio of Kyla Williams on WBEZ talking about her work on Chicago Health Atlas.
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