What It Takes to get the Municipal Code of Chicago Online

Julia Ellis of the Office of the Chicago City Clerk Addressing OpenGovChicago Meetup at the Chicago Cultural Center

It’s somewhat taken for granted that Chicago civic hackers have access to a plethora of data.  This includes the city code – which is available online for anyone and everyone to see and download. To get the code to this point takes a lot of work.

Julia Ellis, Policy Director of the Office of City Clerk, spoke at the last OpenGov Chicago Meetup to explain the process of getting the city code online and how the process is far more complicated than it sounds.

We work in the civic innovation sector of the technology industry to improve lives in cities, improve relationships between residents and government, and create sustainable business models that support an innovative ecosystem. Having brass-tacks explications of the actual work (not what we perceive the work to be) is critical.

Author’s Note: Sometimes when recording things live, things go wrong. In this case, the video was cut out from some of the recording. To fix this, we’ve replaced those parts with photos from the event.