Affordable Care Act Outreach App

The Affordable Care Act Outreach App is a text-based tool we created to make it easier for Navigators from our partner LISC-Chicago to help residents sign up for the Affordable Healthcare Act through the site.

Great Healthcare at No Cost: Get County Care

Using a combination of tools like Wufoo and Twilio, we created a custom tool that enables organizers to send text reminders to sign up for health insurance to residents.

LISC-Chicago has contacted thousands of Chicago residents about the Affordable Care Act. This tool allows the to send text message reminders to residents about signing up before the deadline.

If you're a nonprofit or government agency interested in conducting similar outreach, you can check out our Developer Resources program.

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We did this work under our Civic Works project, which is run by Christopher Whitaker. Civic Works seeks to identify technology solutions benefiting government performance and community solutions that can be sustained by the private markets and to accelerate application developments that enhance the provision of more effective public services. Josh Kalov created the app and Daniel X. O'Neil made up the technology strategy for the app.