Literacenter (Chicago Literacy Alliance)

literacenterlogo-310Literacenter is the flagship project of the Chicago Literacy Alliance. It opened in May 2015 and is the country’s first co-working space for literacy-focused nonprofits. Literacenter is a key collaborative partner and convening location for Smart Chicago’s Connect Chicago efforts.

Smart Chicago and The Chicago Literacy Alliance have common missions when it comes to basic computer and digital literacy. In the words of the Chicago Literacy Alliance,

From reading an early picture book all the way through acquiring essential computer and communications technology skills, literacy is the key to a successful and independent life, and to a vibrant and sustainable city…

Since basic computer literacy is pivotal to accessing jobs, education, and basic public services, it makes sense that innovative literacy  groups would begin to emphasize digital learning, too.

Smart Chicago expects to both learn from and contribute to the Literacenter community. We also use the Literacenter conference space for Connect Chicago Meetup eventsCUTgroup tests and Health Navigator gatherings.