We have a philosophy of maintaining a lean, efficient core team that does not require huge amounts of annual support to keep rolling. We are a small unit run out of a new space— “the garage” in the Chicago Community Trust offices on Michigan Avenue. 

This structure is deliberately light, and it works for us. We works with dozens of people and organizations to get things done, and we're able to spend our resources on building the ecosystem outside our walls. Here's a list of former staff members.


Daniel X. O’Neil, Executive Director

O'Neil is responsible for strategy and oversees all of our initiatives. Prior to the Smart Chicago, O’Neil was a co-founder of ...
K. Williams Professional

Kyla Williams, Director of Operations

Williams manages all hiring, contracting, and revenue management. She also runs our Health programs and our membership in the Hive ...
Sonja Marziano

Sonja Marziano, Project Coordinator

Marziano manages a number of projects, including the Civic User Testing Group,, Early Childhood Web Portal, and other projects as they ...
Chris Walker

Christopher Walker, Administrative Assistant

Walker provides administrative and operational support to the Smart Chicago team, consultants, partners, Advisory Committee members and others to advance ...

Denise Linn, Program Analyst

Linn develops, executes, and evaluates Smart Chicago Programming — working closely with Connect Chicago, the Chicago School of Data, and the ...