Crime and Punishment in Chicago


The Crime and Punishment in Chicago project  provides an index of data sources regarding the criminal justice system in Chicago. We aggregate sources of data, how this data is generated, how to get it, and what data is unavailable. This project is a key way we are using the Civic Works grant to use data journalism to uncover the value of data and cover the stories behind the data.

Thanks for blocking the bike lane, officers

Here’s a closer look at the scope of work:

  • Generate content explaining the availability of data for the following areas:
    • 911 Calls for Service by Police Event Type
    • Data originating from police reports
    • Data regarding the decision to press charges
    • Incarceration data
    • Recidivism data
    • Data regarding re-integration program
  • On the development side:


Chicago Justice Project

The Chicago Justice Project is an independent, nonprofit research organization that strives to access and analyze data from criminal justice agencies to promote evidence based reforms that will better serve the justice needs of local communities. For this project, they are researching the different sources of criminal justice data and identifying gaps in the data.

You can find out more information on the Chicago Justice Project on their website.

FreeGeek Chicago

The website is being built by FreeGeek Chicago’ Supreme Chi-Town Coding Crew. FreeGeek Chicago is a nonprofit community organization that recycles used computers and parts to provide functional computers, education, internet access and job skills training to those who want them.

You can find out more about FreeGeekChicago on their website and on Twitter at  @FreeGeekChicago.


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