Download the Entire Youth-Led Tech Curriculum Set: 29 Days / 174 Hours of Training; Available for Free in One Click

Daniel Ash addressing Youth Led Tech“Youth-led Tech | Summer 2015” was a technology mentoring program in five Chicago neighborhoods: Austin, Englewood, Humboldt Park, North Lawndale, and Roseland.

We love to share our work so here’s a PDF version of the entire course. We cover introductions to WordPress, WordPress dashboards, themes, how to post, how to make an app, financial literacy, and how to add media to your WordPress site. We also have set time aside each day for students to work on their typing skills. 29 separate days, 174 hours, dozens of lessons— the ability to start your own summer tech class— all in one click.

These files are an hour-by-hour, step-by-step guide for anyone who wants to run a similar program anywhere in the world. We show start/ end times, materials to use, planning notes, and the exact words you can use to lead your own sessions. We also have set time aside each day for students to work on their typing skills. Lots of the material is pulled from other sources, with attribution, and we include hard copies of handouts created by others. Many of the ice breakers and team-building activities are the standard “greatest hits” of youth work, but this is the first time that this material was put together into this format.

We expect you’ll want to modify these files for your own use, so we also have the entire course in Microsoft Word format. If you are just interested in a specific topic or a jumpstart for your own work, we offer individual days for free download and use as well.

The main author of this course is our consultant, Chris Rudd.