Cook County Open Data

Cook County Open Data PortalThe Smart Chicago Collaborative has a partnership with the Cook County Bureau of Technology to assist them in the creation and publication of open data in the context of the County's Open Government Plan Ordinance and Open Government Plan.

To see more about the genesis of this project, see the blog post, "On our Partnership with Cook County to Expand Open Data".


One of the core principles of Smart Chicago is openness. This extends beyond the details of the work we do and into a broader openness about our methods, processes, financing, and procedures we use to get things done.

In this project, we think these are the unique features that can be replicated by others:

We will be writing about the meta-work as well as the work as the project progresses. Stay tuned by subscribing to our blog and/or following us on Twitter. If you have a specific question about this project, tweet it to Josh Kalov.


Cook County Partners with Smart Chicago Collaborative to Expand Open Data

“Entering into this partnership with Smart Chicago, will help the County find ways to improve the lives of residents through technology,” Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle said. “It is part of my administration’s commitment to provide accessible and up-to-date information.”

Segment on Outside the Loop Radio.

(Smart Chicago) is partnering with Cook County to expand access to data that can have a positive impact in our daily lives.

Smart Chicago and Cook County Join Forces to Make Open Data More Transparent

Under the two year agreement, which begins on February 1, Smart Chicago will assist the County in publishing open data sets and developing open data applications.

Open Data Gurus Share Best Practices

Smart Chicago also will help create visuals, infographics and other Web-based content to make it easier for government officials and residents to understand how the county is performing.

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Josh Kalov is the lead consultant on this project. He started Kalov Strategies, LLC in February 2014 and Smart Chicago is his first client.