Civic Works

Civic Works was a program funded by the Knight Foundation and the Chicago Community Trust to spur support for civic innovation in Chicago. The program goals are to produce 200 content pieces, 5 apps that solve government problems, and 5 apps that solve community problems.  


The project had five top-level goals:

  • Work with government entities to make more public data available
  • Create an online publication providing news and analysis on open government
  • Help government agencies to use their own data to improve public services
  • Engage non-profit organizations on efforts to find community solutions that are based on public data and data collected by their own organizations
  • Identify technology solutions benefiting government performance and community solutions that can be sustained by the private markets

Complete list of Civic Works partners

Textizen Logo


Textizen is a web platform that sends, receives, and analyzes text messages so you can reach the people you serve ...
Roll With Me Logo

Roll With Me

Roll With Me is a website by Mohammad Ouyoun that gives transit directions for the those who use wheelchairs. Smart ...
LocalWiki Logo


Smart Chicago seeded the Chicago version of LocalWiki in partnership with the Chicago Public Library in an effort to feature ...

LocalData + SWOP

The LocalData + SWOP project is part of Smart Chicago's effort to help bridge technology gaps in high capacity organizations ...

Illinois Open Technology Challenge

Overview The Illinois Open Technology Challenge to bring governments, developers, and communities together in a common mission to use public ...
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Foodborne Chicago

Foodborne Chicago is a website that connects people who complain about food poisoning on Twitter to the people who can ...
Who will watch the watchmen?

Crime and Punishment in Chicago

Overview The Crime and Punishment in Chicago project provides an index of data sources regarding the criminal justice system in ...
Cook County Tweets

Cook County Tweets

One of the goals of the Civic Works Projects is to create more awareness of the information needs and solutions ...

Convicted in Cook

Convicted in Cook is a project that analyzes five years worth of conviction data received through the Office of the ...

Chicago Public Media

Chicago Public Media is a public media institution deeply invested in the civic life and health of the community they ...

Chicago Defender Charities

The Mission of Chicago Defender Charities, Inc. is to improve the quality of life for African Americans through educational, cultural ...

Affordable Care Act Outreach App

The Affordable Care Act Outreach App is a text-based tool we created to make it easier for Navigators from our ...