Urban Center for Computation and Data (Urban CCD)

UrbanCCD - outlines 2012The Urban Center for Computation and Data (Urban CCD) of the University of Chicago and provides resources, tools, and collaborative opportunities in urban science to address the global challenges created by rapid urbanization and aging cities.

Smart Chicago is working with Urban CCD on their Array of Things project, a network of interactive, modular sensor boxes that collect real-time data on a city’s environment, infrastructure, and activity for research and public use.

Our goals are to “further efforts by both organizations to make technology and data more accessible to citizens and to use data to impact policy that betters resident’s lives. Specifically, we’re working together in the design and implementation stages of Array of Things to consider the general public’s use cases for AoT and creating applications relevant to everyday life in Chicago. The main thrust of our work will be to design and implement a strategic plan to inform and engage the public in the deployment and utilization of AoT.