Uturn Data Solutions

Uturn Data Solutions LogoUturn Data Solutions is a Chicago-based IT consultancy focused on the data storage and Cloud computing market.

They help companies to take advantage of Cloud computing while providing the control, security and responsiveness needed to run their core business. They provide consulting services, Cloud computing solutions and the necessary infrastructure to enable companies to transition from the costly and inefficient model of owned-and-operated IT to a Cloud-integrated delivery model.

Uturn created a service layer to plenar.io, so that Smart Chicago could support the City of Chicago’s launch of OpenGrid, a citywide situational awareness tool using open data.

Uturn is also the creator of Open Grid for Smart Cities. The OpenGrid AMI on the AWS Marketplace is an interactive, map-based platform to explore publicly-avaiable open data sets in an easy-to-use-interface. OpenGrid enables municipalities to offer residents, businesses and communities a better way to interact with public data. Users can perform advanced queries to filter data and search within custom boundaries or based on the user’s location