CHA Computer Center Expansion

Grand Opening of Dearborn Homes Technology Center

The Chicago Housing Authority is a sub-recipient of Personal Computer Center BTOP funds to expand access to computers for CHA residents. TEC Services is a lower-tier sub-recipient of these funds associated with the hiring of CHA residents to staff computer centers. This project includes the creation of new computer centers and the addition of computers to many others.

This project affects the following CHA developments:

In the first quarter of 2012, the CHA added the following full-time employees:

Training Coordinator – 4 positions

Public computer center Training Coordinators are responsible for the operations of computer centers maintained by the Chicago Housing Authority. They provide digital literacy training and assist participants with computer-related issues such as creating user log-on accounts and passwords, trouble-shooting equipment problems and using other lab equipment such as printers. Some Training Coordinators may have team leader roles where they are responsible for reporting on lab activities and training new Training Coordinators.

Technical Support – 1 position

The Public Computer Center Technical Support personnel are responsible for the monitoring, maintaining, installing, and support of networked computers and peripheral equipment; providing professional-level network support functions, and assisting computer center staff and participants with technical issues related to the use of the computer center technology.  The Technical Support staff repair and maintain computers, related peripheral devices and the required software to assure proper functioning.  The Technical Support is the first responders for support in the computer center with technical issues impacting operations.