Hosted Web Space

The Smart Chicago Collaborative has limited space on an Amazon Web ServicesHeroku, and Mapbox for developers to host projects that make lives better in Chicago through technology. We also provide assistance with configuration.

We also maintain a Google Apps for Nonprofits account, which includes access to the Google Maps for Business API, allowing for very large daily geocoding limits, real-time transit information, larger static map images, and more. Also includes a wildcard SSL certificate, which means that any application hosted using a * subdomain can implement SSL support free of cost.

We also support Twilio, and we’ve built a number of apps on this industry-standard SMS infrastructure used all over the Web.

As we grow and support more tech infrastructure, we support more and more technologies and hosting solutions. If you don’t see what you need here, complete the form and note your needs.

We support all sorts of innovation, so if you’re interested, complete the form below and we can see if this spot is right for you. We evaluate each project on a case-by-case basis, but here’s the basic requirements:

That’s it. We’ve got limited resources, but we’re here to help!

Fill out this form to get started:

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