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On the launch of Crime and Punishment in Chicago

Smart Chicago Collaborative is proud to launch our latest Civic Works Project: Crime and Punishment in Chicago. This project is a collaborative effort between Smart Chicago, FreeGeekChicago, and the Chicago Justice Project.

Chicago Police Department Memorial at Buckingham Fountain

Photo by Chris Smith / Flikr

The Crime and Punishment in Chicago project provides an index of data sources regarding the criminal justice system in Chicago. We aggregate sources of data, how this data is generated, how to get it, and what data is unavailable. This project is a key way we are using the Civic Works grant to use data journalism to uncover the value of data and cover the stories behind the data.


Civic Innovation Toolkit: How to run a civic hackathon

The Smart Chicago Collaborative has helped to run several civic hackathons including last year’s National Day of Civic Hacking events in Chicago. To help with this year’s National Day of Civic Hacking, we wanted to post how we organize and set up these events.  We also wanted to go over tips and hazards to look out for when organizing these events.

Safer Communities Hackathon at Google Chicago

Safer Communities Hackathon at Google Chicago


Dan O’Neil on the Knight Foundation OpenGov Panel

This morning Smart Chicago Executive Director Dan O’Neil participated in the OpenGov Panel at the Knight Foundation Media Learning Seminar along with the Waldo Jaquith, U.S. Open Data Institute; and the Honorable Karen Freeman-Wilson, Mayor of Gary, Indiana.

Knight Foundation President Alberto Ibargüen

Alberto Ibarguen, President & CEO of the Knight Foundation, gives opening remarks to attendees. Image courtesy Knight Foundation

If you missed the panel, the Knight Foundation has the video below:

Watch live streaming video from knightfoundation at