CivicWorks Project Extended

Big update on our CivicWorks Project— it has been extended and we’re getting lots more work done.

Free Geek Chicago Launch of Crime and Punishment Website

The Civic Works Project (formerly known as the Civic Innovation in Chicago project) is program funded by the Knight Foundation and the Chicago Community Trust to spur support civic innovation in Chicago. The program’s original goal was to produce 200 content pieces, 5 apps that solve government problems, and 5 apps that solve community problems. We also ran the Illinois OpenTech Challenge through the grant as well.

In the first year, we launched the following projects:

We also are in progress with the following projects:

  • Launching LocalWiki Chicago
  • Launching in Chicago
  • Analyzing Cook County Conviction Data

For the following year, we want to aim for an additional five apps that are government focused, five apps that are non-profit focused, and to generate an additional two hundred content pieces about civic innovation in Chicago.

One of the first projects we’re hoping to get launched is RollWithMe – an app by Smart Chicago intern and Starter School Alumni Mohammad Ouyounm. RollWithMe helps to guide residents to wheelchair accessible transit stations in Chicago.

We will also launch a new Illinois OpenTech Challenge focused on working with state agencies to create prototypes that help aid state workers assist residents across Illinois.

Free Geek Chicago Launch of Crime and Punishment Website

The effort will once again be led by Smart Chicago Consultant Christopher Whitaker who will be doing outreach all during the month of October to identify potential projects.

If you have ideas for projects, feel free to reach out to us on our Contact Us page!