Results of the CDOT / Textizen Poll on Placemaking

CDOT Textizen Poster

CDOT Textizen Poster

As part of the CivicWorks Project, we maintain a Textizen instance so that local nonprofits and government agencies can get feedback from residents. Our most recent partnership was with the Chicago Department of Transportation and their placemaking survey.

We wanted to give a few highlights of what we learned doing the survey as well as talk about how your organization can take advantage of Textizen.

Overall Results:

Total number of participants: 2117

English: 1887

Spanish: 220

Total Texts: 13485

Completion Rate: 58.5 %

Age Range: 41% of English respondents were 15-25, 36% were 26-35

Most Active Times: 9am and 7pm

Responses to Select Questions:

I would like to see more _ for Chicago’s streets! (Multiple Choice) [English]
A. Trees & Landscaping 44
B. Seating 13%
C. Public Gathering Spaces 19%
D. Bike Amenities 17%
E. Wider Sidewalks 7%
Which events do you want to see more of in Chicago? (Multiple Choice) [English]
A. Cultural event/art 22%
B. Street Fests 23%
C. Farmer/flea markets 34%
D. Free community services 22%
Cuales eventos le gustaria ver mas en Chicago? (Multiple Choice) (Spanish)
A. Evento cultural/arte 28%
B. Mercados 22%
C. festivales en la calle 29%
D. Servicios comunitarios 21%
How do you mainly get around your neighborhood? (Multiple Choice) (English)
A. Drive 9%
B. Bike 14%
C. Walk 38%
D. Transit 38%
E. Other 1%

Mindmixer Results

The Chicago Department of Transportation also ran a Mindmixer campaign at the same time as the Textizen poll. Mindmixer helps governments get feedback from residents by letting them post ideas on different topics. One of the most popular ideas on this Mindmixer poll was the idea to create a suburban bus station on the empty lot at Michigan and Roosevelt.

The Chicago Department of Transportation will use the results of the campaigns to further develop their Complete Street design guidelines. You can find our more information about the program on the Chicago Department of Transportation website.

Textizen Record set for most participation in a Spanish Language Poll 

This CDOT campaign had the most participation out of any previous Textizen poll with 221 total responses. CDOT achieved this by deploying an equal number of ads and using different photos. CDOT also gave presentations at Spanish speaking audiences to help spread the word.

The campaign also hit several community blogs which helped spread the word throughout different neighborhoods.

Next step: Crunching numbers

The next step for CDOT is to take the Textizen and Surveymonkey results and merge them together. The team will then start to run analysis so they can give better guidance to policy makers. When the CDOT team makes their recommendations for placemaking, the document will likely have a lot of technical information.  CDOT intends to interject results from the survey into their recommendations so that they can tie their results back to people.

To keep up with the progress, you can visit for more inforation on CDOT’s efforts.

If you think that Textizen could help you government agency or non-profit, feel free to start a conversation with us here!