Tonight! DataPotLuck Live! w/ iPython & Pentaho DI

Tonight, we’ll be live streaming the DataPotLuck Meetup being held right here at the Chicago Community Trust.

Our live stream will start at 6:15pm Chicago time. Meeting details below the fold.

DataPotluck XI will be the debut of our new hands-on focus, where we’ve given up sitting and listening to cool stuff in favor of doing and learning-by-doing cool stuff. After a meal and a data tasting from the San Francisco Sustainability we’ll have two breakout sections:

• ipython Notebook – a powerful data analysis, visualization and code sharing platform for python that allows you to track data, data transformations and your visual data explorations in an easy to understand and compact notebook style — hosted by: Matt Gee, Research Fellow at the Computational Institute at the University of Chicago

• Pentaho Data Integration – a powerful free open source tool to Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) all types of data into various data formats for further analytics processing, data aggregation, data synchronization and filtering. We’ll cover a few common use cases by transforming some real world data — hosted by: Young-Jin Kim, who is the Managing Director at Emphanos, LLC.

Each session meets in its own room, fitted with one projected screen, one keyboard, one mouse, and one problem for the group to solve. While the host will (as necessary) guide the approach that the group takes, the keyboard and mouse are passed every 5-10 minutes. Each “mobbing” session is collaborative and interactive and meant to allow each participant to learn-by-doing the tool or techniques for the session.

All sessions will be video recorded for later reference by you and other community members. All materials–data, code, and anything generated along the way–will be saved in our public github repo so that you can go back and keep exploring, learning and trying new things.