Chicago’s Hidden Open Data

At this week’s hack night, Forest Gregg of DataMade gave a talk about Chicago’s hidden open data. While the civic innovation community has gotten used to going to for their open data needs, there’s a lot more data that’s not on the portal.

Chicago's Hidden Data

The last few OpenGov Hack Nights have been spent building out a website ( to help gather information on projects, people, and events in Chicago’s robust civic innovation community. Another goal of the project is to list all the resources available to developers (including Smart Chicago’s free web hosting for civic apps and user testing.)

A large part of the page has been documenting all the open data that’s not on the portal. Forest Gregg talks more about that below the fold.

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Hack Night Live: Chicago Open Data Hidden in Plain Sight

While our local governments continue to do an amazing job of publishing to their open data portals, many datasets still exist solely on obscure websites most of us don’t know about.

Forest Gregg will talk about some of these lesser known, but highly useful, open data sources available in Chicago including river pollutionfinancial interest statementsschools and more.

This is part of an ongoing hack night exercise to publicly document Chicago’s open data.

The live stream will start at 6:15ish CST