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The City of Chicago is one of three founding partners of the Smart Chicago Collaborative.

Honorary Chicago at OpenGov Hack Night

On Tuesday, August 5, 2014, Linda Zabors of Honorary Chicago talked about her experience mapping out Chicago’s brown honorary street signs with Honorary Chicago.  Smart Chicago’s Christopher Whitaker captured the  entire presentation– see it after the jump or on our YouTube channel.


Honorary Street Sign for The Cool Gent, Photo by Flickr user Jessi

The ubiquitous brown street signs are placed to honor Chicago residents and require passage by the Chicago City Council.

Below the fold, Zabors talks about the work she’s done mapping out the streets signs and researching their biographies of who these honorees are.


Connect Chicago Live: National Day of Civic Hacking

In our next meetup, we will be focused on Chicago’s vast civic innovation movement, the role of your centers play in that movement, and how we can embed civic tech into our programs (and even our own website!).

The National Day of Civic Hacking is on the weekend right after our meetup (Saturday and Sunday, May 31 and June 1). There are a ton of events– sign up and get involved!

We’ll be live streaming and live tweeting the event starting on Friday at 11:00am! Video stream below the fold..

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