Damaged Vehicle Claim = Civic Engagement

Lots of people in my professional life talk about “civic engagement”. Everybody seems to want it. Fran Spielman reports in today’s Sun-Times that the City Clerk’s office had received over 3,100 damage claims due to potholes. That’s thousands of people engaging.

While we don’t always think of civic engagement as people filling out forms and claims, this is civic engagement at it’s core. Thousands of people going through a multi-step process to get reimbursed for a weaknesses of the civic infrastructure— and being paid back by the taxpayers— is about as engaged as one can be. Each year, the Chicago City Clerk‘s office processes thousands of claims for damaged vehicles.


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Open and Online: Accessing and Using Health Data at the Public Health Informatics Conference

Today I’m participating in the session called, “Open and Online: Accessing and Using Health Data” at the Public Health Informatics Conference in Atlanta. Here’s the description:

This session will present “8 Principles of Open Health Data” to guide management of, access to, and governance of de-identified non-aggregate health data. Presenters will discuss the use of an online interactive Disability and Health Data System that uses Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System disability data and will present a framework for capturing newborn admission data from hospitals.

If you care about these issues, please consider joining the Health Data Liberation meetup group, which is meeting tonight at the Opportunity Hub (“Atlanta Intro to the 8 Principles of Open Health Data“, right next door to the PHIC Conference.

Join us in this fight.

OpenGov Hack Night: Building a vision for a transit future (Part One)

This presentation was rather long-ish, so we’ve split this into two posts. The first one has to do with the Transit Future policy itself. 

On the April 15th OpenGov Hack Night, Ed Oser with Center for Neighborhood Technologies and OpenCity Apps presented their work on both the Transit Future plan and the web app that shows it off.


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Census Reporter 101 with Joe Germuska

Census Reporter is a tool that helps journalists, innovators, and students explore census data. The Census Reporter is a great way to get detailed information about demographics, income, health insurance coverage, poverty, and even commute times. The apps is powered by the American Community Survey which gathers detailed information about community areas. Joe Germuska sat down with Christopher Whitaker to give a demo of the tool and tell us more about it.

Joe Germuska, Founder of OpenGovChicago

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