CyberNavigators, TEC Services Train Austin Residents

With the help of Chicago Public Libraries’  CyberNavigators, west side residents are making the most of the rich technology resources available in Chicago at the Austin Branch Library.

A Connect Chicago location, the library has computer available for public use, and also participates in the CyberNavigators program. One of the leaders in technology training in Chicago, CyberNavigators are placed in 45 libraries across Chicago, where they lead computer training classes and answer any of patrons’ technology questions. CyberNavigators also offer both small group classes and one-on-one sessions at participating libraries. One-on-one sessions are by appointment only and may last up to one hour.

North Austin Branch Library, which recently reopened after undergoing new construction and renovations, also has free classroom trainings on computers and technology taught by qualified trainers from TEC Services, Inc.

At North Austin Branch Library, you can learn about:

  • Computer basics
  • Email basics
  • Internet basics
  • Online job searching and resume writing
  • Online research methods
  • How to use the Chicago Public Library website, including checking account information and renewing materials

To view CyberNavigator availability at your branch, visit