New Cook County Data: FY2014 Appropriations And Expenditures with FY2015 Adopted Appropriation

On April 30, 2015 the dataset FY2014 Appropriations And Expenditures with FY2015 Adopted Appropriation was added to the Open Data Portal.

Cook County’s Annual Appropriation Bill Resolution requires that the Final Appropriation Trial Balance be posted as Open Data on the Open Data Portal by April 30 of each year. From the Fiscal Year 2015 Resolution (Section 21):

When all accounts and books for Fiscal Year 2014 are closed and final amounts determined, the Comptroller shall report back to the County Board with the revised revenues, fund balances and balance sheets. All appropriated amounts for Fiscal Year 2014 shall be reported as adopted by the County Board in the Annual Appropriation Bill for Fiscal Year 2014 and as subsequently adjusted by transfers of funds. Said information will be made available to the County Board and to the public via the Final Appropriation Trial Balance for 2014. The Final Appropriation Trail Balance for 2014 will be posted alongside the 2015 line item budget in a single document on the County’s website by April 30, 2015, and shall be made concurrently available on the County’s Open Data website in a format compatible with the County’s Open Government Ordinance.
The dataset contains Fiscal Year 2014 Adopted Appropriation, Adjusted Adjusted Appropriation, and Final Expenditures. It also contains the Fiscal Year 2015 Adopted Appropriation. Cook County’s Fiscal Year runs from December to November.
The previous year’s dataset can be found here.