We like to have fun in the sun
Everyday is a gift because its a blessing to live
I love everyone and its crazy because a lot of kids are getting killed.
Its alot of talented people in englewood that they just have to prove their self.
Many don’t have a chance to reach their own goal.
Ancestors of ours are screaming from the grave cus physically were free but were still mental slaves.
Live a life of love.
Happy souls live.
freedom is a curse or a blessing.
we are happy to show our talents.
carpe diem.
life is a gift and everybody deserves a second chance.
you only live once
Together were trying to make it out this community but first we have to come together with unity.
so come together and do something good for the community.
you can’t change englewood you can only change the people in it.
live life to the fullest.
perfection is not attainable but if we chase perfection we can accomplish our goals and dreams.
this is a youth led tech program where everyone is welcome so don’t sit around make yourself welcome.#godsgift
If we are God’s gift, not to be taken.
we got to stay together we gotta stay golden we have to have trust before our trust is stolen.
This is smart chicago we stand as a family.
For all those who take life I hope their souls are forsaken.

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