An Infographic of Connect Chicago from April — June 2016

Connect Chicago is a cross-sector civic leadership initiative that seeks to make Chicago the most digitally skilled, connected, and dynamic city in America. In 2016, we’ve made investments to strengthen and expand our city’s digital learning ecosystem. Under Connect Chicago, the CyberNavigator Program out of the Chicago Public Library has expanded citywide, digital skills training has been integrated into LISC Chicago Financial Opportunity Centers, and the Connect Chicago Meetup has continued to be a platform for sharing ideas and best practices across the community of practice.

Here is a summary of some of the work accomplished during the second quarter of 2016:

The work has just begun. To get involved, join the Connect Chicago Meetup Group. Meet and network with residents, nonprofit professionals, corporate representatives, and technology trainers. Learn about new programs, tools, and best practices for closing technology gaps.

Connect Chicago would not be possible without the support of our Technology Advisory Council:

See this blog post to learn more about Connect Chicago’s work and progress from January — March of 2016. Partners interested in supporting Connect Chicago or presenting at Connect Chicago Meetups can contact Denise Linn at