Chicago School of Data Interviews: An introduction

As part of our work with the Chicago School of Data, we’re conducting surveys of organizations that use data in the service of public. We’re doing the survey to get a better understanding of roles, connections, dependencies, and potential collaborations between organizations in the Chicago data ecosystem. As we do the surveys, we’ll be following up with in depth interviews of organizations and do a deep dive discovering & discuss opportunities and to bridge gaps. We’ll present our work at the School of Data Conference on September 19th.

Chicago School of Data

Chicago School of Data

To do the interviews, we’ve partnered with Adam Garcia of Nectel Technologies. We’re excited to work with Adam and already we have completed over 40 interviews.

During these interviews, we’ll be asking organizations what they do, who they serve, what data they collect, how they use it, and their capacity to collect and use data.

Here’s a sample of one such interview that we did with the Northwest Side Housing Center. We’ll go deeper into each interview in our next series of posts.

If you’d like to get involved, fill out our survey form below!