Connect Chicago Live: National Day of Civic Hacking

In our next meetup, we will be focused on Chicago’s vast civic innovation movement, the role of your centers play in that movement, and how we can embed civic tech into our programs (and even our own website!).

The National Day of Civic Hacking is on the weekend right after our meetup (Saturday and Sunday, May 31 and June 1). There are a ton of events– sign up and get involved!

We’ll be live streaming and live tweeting the event starting on Friday at 11:00am! Video stream below the fold..

Here are our speakers:

Smart Chicago consultant Christopher Whitaker

Christopher will do his Introduction to Civic Hacking 101 presentation so you can get a great overview of concepts and tools.

Danielle DuMerer, Director of Planning, Policy & Management, Department of Innovation & Technology, City of Chicago

Danielle will speak about the role that public computing centers and community technology centers play in developing digital skills, in building audience for digital tools, and creating a deep bench of civic developers in Chicago’s communities.

And you?

Do you know of any great tech talent that has risen from your centers? Bring those people to the meetup— we’d love to hear your stories!

As usual, there will be plenty of food and drink. The meetup itself itself will run from 11 – 1, but we will have the Chicago Community Trust board room all the way until 2PM for maximum mingling.