Data Potluck: Charter School Data

At the Data Potluck on March 13th, the crew went over Charter School Data and ran a brief demo of R and iPython.

DataPotluck is an actual potluck

Oh, did we forget to mention that Data Potluck is an actual potluck?

The Data Potluck always begins with a data tasting. For this meeting, the Illinois Network of Charter Schools dropped by to show off their data. On their website, you can download data on teacher salaries, demographics, academic performance, and college enrollment rates. There are some differences between public school data and charter school data, owing to the fact that charter schools are regulated differently than neighborhood schools.

Here’s Nick Mader running the data tasting:

After the data tasting, Matt Gee gave a short demonstration of the R programming language. In future posts, we’ll do be doing an introductory video on this programming language.