January Connect Chicago DigiSeniors Community Call

It has been over 6 months since the release of DigiSeniors out of Microsoft Chicago. In that time, the program has achieved several milestones including 50+ trainers trained across Chicago as well as new partnerships with city agencies.

In January, Connect Chicago held a community conference call to let trainers trained in the DigiSeniors curriculum come together to voice their experiences, ask questions, and  provide input on the curriculum. Other digital inclusion workers and advocates also joined to learn more about DigiSeniors and strategize how the training can be spread and implemented. Representatives from Microsoft Chicago gave background on the program, why they started this work, and where they hope it to go in 2017 with the help of the entire digital inclusion ecosystem. 

Here are the notes from the conversation. Below is a recording of the community call.

Connect Chicago seeks to identify gaps in our digital inclusion ecosystem and support new interventions to meet those identified needs. Seniors remain an underserved a less connected, underserved portion of our population. Project like this one are a good first step in filling those identified gaps and sharing new resources across the city for different service providers to incorporate into their work.

Thank you to Microsoft Chicago for helping facilitate this Connect Chicago Community conversation. If you have questions about the Connect Chicago Community and our regular Meetup convening digital inclusion practitioners across the city, email Program Analyst Denise Linn at dlinn@cct.org.