OpenGov Chicago Live: IT Procurement & The City of Chicago

Tonight at 6:00pm Chicago time, we’ll be live streaming tonight’s OpenGov Chicago Meetup on IT Procurement and the City of Chicago right here on this blog post.

Procurement– the process through which a unit of government purchases goods and services– is a hot topic in open government. For our next meetup, we’ll cover the issue head-on with three of the most relevant officials from the City of Chicago.

Brenna Berman, Chief Information Officer and Commissioner of the Department of Innovation and Technology, James McIsaac,  General Counsel for the Department of Procurement Services, and Kate Yager, Deputy Chief of Policy in the Mayor’s Office will present.

They will review the current process, answer questions, and gather information from OpenGovChicago members on how the process can be changed to better interface with the developers and residents who seek to have an impact on City technology.