OpenGov Hack Night: Cartografika

At the February 18,2 014 OpenGov Hack Night, Adam Jentleson, Jose Alarcon, and Taylor McKinley from Cartografika stopped by to tell us about their work.

Cartografika is a design shop that integrates GIS data into beautiful custom maps. On their Esty page, they describe themselves as designer-cartographers. Here’s Adam and Taylor introducing their company below:

They use city GIS data to produce the maps. GIS, or geographic information systems, is software and data that used to present geographic information. The  map on your phone is a common use of GIS. Adam and Taylor explain more about GIS and how they use it.

The company uses open GIS data from cities across the globe to make custom maps which they then sell on their Etsy page. Here’s some examples of their work:

Adam and Taylor also walked us through their design process. As an example, the company created a map of ancient China using historical map data.

As always, the speakers were available for questions after their presentation.

You can find our more information about Cartografika on their website.