Scrappers Film Group at OpenGov Hack Night

At this week’s OpenGov Hack Night, on Tuesday, January 20, Scrappers Film Group presented on turning data into cinema. Scrappers Film Group provides film production work to journalistic, documentary, business, and socially motivated clientele.

Scrappers Film Group at OpenGov Hack Night

Scrappers Film Group at OpenGov Hack Night

They first were introduced to OpenGov Hack Night after producing a segment for GapersBlock on OpenGov Hack Night. Here’s the video below:

Scrappers Film Group is led by filmmakers Ben Kolak, Brian Ashby, and producers David Jacobson and Yana Kunichoff.  For this project, the team received a grant from Chicago’s PBS Station WTTW to produce digital media content for their website. The team had decided to focus on education because of it’s focal point for a number of social issues including poverty, social justice, economic development and more.

The team followed five 8th graders and their parents at five different schools throughout the Chicagoland region. The team choose 8th grade because they wanted to focus on the transition between middle school and high school. This is especially important in Chicago where parents are faced with choices on where to send their children to school be it charter schools, neighborhood schools, or moving to the suburbs.

Here’s the trailer for Central Standard:

You can watch the entire nine part series on WTTW’s website.

Here’s the entire presentation from Scrappers Film Group below: