Black Tech Mecca at Chi Hack Night

172-black-tech-meccaFor the 172nd Chi Hack Night, Black Tech Mecca presented their plan to make Chicago a beacon in the black, tech, and global communities.

Black Tech Mecca launched on June 23rd with an event at Chicago’s Techweek with a goal to make Chicago the place for black tech.

Founder Fabian Elliot opened up the presentation by talking about why Chicago is best suited to become the black tech mecca. Elliot cites Chicago’s tech scene and city technology plan as key advantages as well as Chicago’s role in the US Black community.

Black Tech Mecca’s will implement a connect and direct strategy that will build a directory on steroids.  While Chicago has a number of resources for tech startups, it can be difficult to navigate. Their plan is to build out the directory and create a strategy to ensure that the community is signed up.

The team has begun to build up their team and understanding their challenges in building out the project. One issue is that they currently don’t have the manpower to build the completed project. As part of the solution, the team will be hosting a hackathon to get more people and ideas involved.

If you want to get involved, you can check out their website at or follow along on Twitter at @BlackTechMecca