Taken Charge: Apply for a Free Educational Game for Youth!

How do teachers and trainers get youth digitally skilled, tech literate and job ready? While “coding” might be the first solution that comes to mind, learning to code isn’t the logical starting place for every young person. As Smart Chicago learned from this summer’s Youth-Led Tech program, successfully teaching technology to young people means balancing  foundational concepts and making learning fun.

The new browser-based game Taken Charge has a solution to this dilemma. The game covers a wide array of topics in addition to coding concepts – everything from the parts of a computer, how the Internet works,  and cyberbullying. As they learn new things, gamers earn badges marking their progress. All you need to get started is an Internet connection, and computer, and a 3rd grade reading level.

Read more about Taken Charge in Built in Chicago and see the demo below:

What sets this game apart? Taken Charge has an ISTE Seal of Alignment for Readiness. This means students who play Taken Charge are learning a foundational set of certified standards and skills. According to the ISTE website:

Reviewers determined that this resource helps build foundational technology skills needed to support the ISTE Standards for Students and helps teach students the basics of technology in a fun and motivational way. Players gain valuable knowledge on important technology concepts such as the basics of hardware, essential elements of search engines and websites, fundamentals of networks, appropriate online communication skills, and cyberbullying.

Apply to Get Free Access to the Taken Charge Game

Connect Chicago just purchased student accounts for the Taken Charge game. If you run a youth or digital training program in Chicago and know one or several students who want their own game accounts, please fill out this form!

Please note that a 3rd grade reading level is required to get the most out of Taken Charge. Also note that anyone is eligible to apply for the student accounts. We’re interested in seeing how this game can be used across different neighborhoods, students, and training environments.

We’re excited to learn more about Taken Charge and how gaming can promote STEM learning across Chicago. Apply for free student accounts at this link!