Tonight: Social Justice + Civic Technology

There’s a lot of action in the world of civic innovation here in Chicago. Just today, Foodborne Chicago was the cover story for the Red Eye and the focus of a front-page news story in the Tribune and there’s a Wall Street Journal story highlighting some of the great things going on here in Chicago.

#DirtyDining: Food-poisoning tweets get city follow-up Health authorities seek out sickened Chicagoans, ask them to report restaurants

It’s fun to focus on the more scatological aspects of the work that’s going on. And lots of the work, while certainly helping people live better in Chicago, fails to directly address the lives of working people.

But tonight, at the weekly OpenGov Hack Night, we have a great opportunity to do that (and happens to be in food industry!) Here’s a note from OpenGov Hack Night showrunner Derek Eder:

The next Open Gov Hack Night is tomorrow, Aug 13th at 6pm!

Matt Bruce with the Chicago Community Trust and Restaurant Opportunities Centers United will talk about the US Labor Department’s app challenge for creating a smartphone app that integrates the department’s publicly available enforcement data with consumer ratings, geo-positioning, and other relevant data sets. More details here.

Food will be provided by the Smart Chicago Collaborative! Please RSVP so we know how much to get.
Social justice is where it’s at.