Enter the Knight News Challenge on Data

knight-foundation-logoIt’s Tuesday in Chicago, so that means #chihacknight. One thing that Hack Night attendees should consider is applying to the Knight News Challenge on Data.

The Knight News Challenge accelerates media innovation by funding breakthrough ideas in news and information.

There are eight days left to apply for the Knight News Challenge on Data. This current challenge in the innovative series is “an open call for ideas using data to inform & empower people to make decisions about their lives, their communities and democracy”.

The core there— “empower people to make decisions”— is key. We have lots of public data, a rich ecosystem of technologists, and we make lots of apps here in Chicago. This idea that using all of this data and technology to directly give power to regular residents is a thread that runs through lots of our work.

There are currently 92 entries submitted. As always, it’s super-easy to contribute a project idea and there are lots of ways to browse, comment, and search the entries. If you submit (or already have) let us know!