Add your own data sets to

Today, released a new feature that allows you to add your own data sets to

Brett Goldstein Presenting at Code for America Summit 2014 was conceived as a centralized hub for open datasets from around the country. Funded by the National Science Foundation and the MacArthur Foundation, and led by a team of prominent open data scientists, researchers, and developers, it is a collaborative, open-source solution to the problems inherent to the rapid growth in government data portals.

Today, the team added a new feature that allows people to submit their own datasets to be used by Currently, is able to accept any URL to a comma separated value (CSV) or link to a dataset on a Socrata data portal (like that has fields with the following attributes:

  • Unique id: a field that is guaranteed to contain a unique number for every row in the dataset, even if rows are updated
  • Observation date: a date or datetime field for each observation
  • Latitude/Longitude or Location: either two fields with latitude and longitude , or a single field with both of them formatted (latitude, longitude)

If you have a dataset that has these feilds you can enter them on the website and it’ll be reviewed by the team.