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Last week, Socrata created another version of Tom Kompare’s Chicago flu shot app that runs on the Socrata API. Developed in partnership with the Chicago Department of Public Health, the app is hosted on Smart Chicago’s servers. (A service we offer to any civic app developer in Chicago.)

"Get a Flu Shot" Sign on the Door of 37th Ward Alderman Emma Mitts' Ward Office

When the Kompare first launched the Flu Shot App, it quickly spread to several other cities. Because Kompare’s app utilized Google Fusion Tables – a free tool that lets apps tap manipulate data – it was easy for cities that didn’t have a data portal yet to take advantage of the app.

With the Socrata release, any city that’s released their flu shot information onto their Socrata data portal can easily create their own flu shot app. The open source repository was recently used to launch a flu shot finder in Raleigh, North Carolina in partnership with the local Code for America Brigade.

Here’s an incomplete list of news stories covering the app:

You can get the whole scoop on Socrata’s website here.