CNT kicks off Sustainable Apps Challenge at OpenGov Hack Night

Attendees at the OpenGov Hack Night / CNT Sustainable Apps Challenge

On Tuesday, the Center for Neighborhood Technologies kicked off their Sustainable Apps Challenge at Chicago’s OpenGov Hack Night.

The night started with CNT’s Edward Oser introducing the competition. The goal is to spur the creation of tools to make our neighborhoods more sustainable, both environmentally and economically. To kick off the event, Oser invited several community non-profits to present their challenges to the civic technology community.

Juan-Pablo Valez, one of the organizers of the OpenGov Hack Night and last year’s winner, also gave a quick rundown on how the process of building civic apps work.

The CNT Sustainable Challenge continues at OpenGov Hack Night on October 8th, 15th, and ends during the main event at TechNexus on October 18th.

The winning team will receive four consultations to help move their idea to market. One of these prizes includes a consultation with the Smart Chicago Collaborative regarding civic user testing.