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connect-chicagoAcross Chicago, people are doing amazing things to boost digital skills and increase access to technology. They are teaching seniors to use a mouse for the first time. They are are teaching people how to create resumes, create LinkedIn accounts, and apply for jobs online. They are lending out laptops and WiFi hotspots. They are teaching kids to build websites. This work is important because being on the wrong side of the digital divide can impact a Chicagoan’s economic and educational opportunities.

Connect Chicago aims to insert community into the valuable, existing efforts scattered all around the city. Are you a trainer in a computer lab? A volunteer in a library? Running a Meetup group on coding? Running a tech program for entrepreneurs? If so, you’re a member of Chicago’s digital access & skills ecosystem and we want to know who you are. We want to shine light on your stories and successes. With your help, we can begin to understand this system’s collective impact. If you are a participant in Chicago’s digital inclusion ecosystem, tell us who you are and tell us about your work!

To tell us more about you, fill out the Connect Chicago Network – Individual Form. You can also join our LinkedIn Group and come to the Connect Chicago Meetup events.

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