Narrative Science at OpenGov Hack Night

On September 9th, Dan Platt and Craig Booth from Narrative Science stopped by OpenGov Hack Night to talk about their Quill platform.

Narrative science at OpenGov Hack Night

Narrative Science is a Chicago startup that helps people understand data by narrating datasets. Quill is an artificial intelligence that writes stories based on a data set. The most simple example of this are sports stories. The Big Ten Network uses Quill to deliver in-game quarterly and half-time recaps and a single end-game recap immediately following basketball and football games, in addition to Tweets highlighting noteworthy events as they occur.  On the more complex side of things, Quill is being used by government clients in the intelligence community to help glean narrative information from the massive amounts of data they collect. 

This is how Narrative Science describes their platform.

Another example of the Quill platform interacting with government data is their analysis of sensor data from Chicago’s public beaches.

At the hack night, the team unveiled an app to use the Quill platform to get stories about crime in a user’s area:

The app works by having the user enter an address, the app then gives you a narrative about crime in your area based on the address.

To get the whole story, you can watch video of their presentation below: