Sonja Marziano CUTGroup remarks at Open Indy Meetup

Sonja Marziano presents at Open Indy MeetupOn November 19, I was invited to present about CUTGroup by the Open Indy Brigade as part of a meetup devoted to speaking about user experience (UX). Open Indy also launched their Civic UX project this evening, which is “dedicated to making the apps and websites of local governments across Central Indiana more user-friendly for all citizens.”

During this presentation, I focused on the importance of our CUTGroup work in helping to change and create better technology using specific examples. I wanted to explain why CUTGroup is an important part of the work we do at Smart Chicago, but also give examples of specific tests where we tested technology that reached a large amount of residents. Some examples included the Chicago Public Schools website or the Ventra app.

CUTGroup Open Indy Slide 4

Overall, this was a great event focused on incorporating the user experience when building new technology and I was glad to be a part of it to share our experiences.

Here is my presentation:
[slideshare id=56528155&doc=cutgroup-presentation-openindybrigade-11-151229171722]