Friday Meetup: How the CUTGroup Can Work Inside Your Connect Chicago Location

There are still spots left for this Friday’s Meetup: “How the Civic User Testing Group Can Work Inside Your Connect Chicago Location.” The Meetup is open to members of the Connect Chicago Meetup Group. Make sure to RSVP!

Here’s the idea:

The CUTGroup is a new project of the Smart Chicago Collaborative.

Be a tester, get paid

The Civic User Testing Group (CUT Group) is a set of regular Chicago residents who get paid to test out civic apps. 
— Fill out a CUT Group profile and sign up to be a tester of civic apps, and we’ll send you a $5 VISA gift card 
— If and when you are chosen to test a civic app, you get paid a $20 VISA gift card and bus fare

Here’s where public computer centers and community technology centers come in

On the CUTGroup homepage, we talk about the actual tests that we’ll conduct:

“Testing will happen all over the city at the locations of Connect Chicago, a loose network of more than 250 places in the city where internet and computer access, digital skills training, and online learning resources are available – for free.”

Let’s talk about what that means for you

In this meeting, we’ll explain the program in full detail, talk about the testing modes (number of people, types of groups, computers needed, etc), and give you more information about what we’ve learned from Chicago residents who have signed up.

Then we’ll want to hear directly from you. Would you want to host a civic user test? Do you know of existing, similar programs? Is your location not suited for such a thing? Do you have ideas on how we could improve?

As usual, lunch will be served. Please join us at the Chicago Community Trust on Friday, April 12 from 1:00-3:00 as we talk about how to engage your patrons in the burgeoning world of civic apps!