Livestream of “Putting Health Data to Work in Our States and Communities”

This Friday, the Health Data Consortium will be hosting a two-day event that will talk about how to Put Health Data to Work in our Communities. As we move through the day, we’ll post the videos below. Our broadcast will begin at 8:30am CST. If you don’t see the newest stream, please refresh your browser.

Afternoon Panel 3 (at 3:05)

Previous videos below:

Afternoon Session 2

Afternoon Session (starts at 12:50pm CST)

2nd Morning Panel Discussion

Morning Panel Discussion

Welcoming Remarks


The event will feature a number of speakers including:

  • Cristal Thomas, Deputy Governor of Illinois
  • Bryan Sivak, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Chief Technology Officer
  • Dr. LaMar Hasbrouck, Director, Illinois Department of Public Health
  • And several Health Industry CEOs

I will be participating in a panel on “Leveling the Playing Field” with the premise that health data can be the great equalizer. Then, along with Jim Alexander of the Otho S.A. Sprague Memorial Institute, I will present the Chicago Health Atlas as a case study in collaboration among healthcare institutions, funders, and developers.

Smart Chicago will be live streaming all of the talks right here in this post. Christopher Whitaker will also be live tweeting the talks on our @SmartChicago account.

My First Fisheye Ever: Central Camera

Here’s the full schedule:

8:00: Registration and Breakfast

8:30: Welcome – Dwayne Spradlin – CEO HDC

8:45: Welcome – Dr. Lamar Hasbrouck – Director DPH

8:50: Welcome – Deputy Governor Cristal Thomas

9:00: Opening Keynote – Bryan Sivak – CTO HHS

9:25: Showcase – Khan Siddiqui – Founder HIGI

9:35: Panel Discussion – Dr. Lamar Hasbrouck (moderator) – Director IL DPH, Dr. Lyle Berkowitz – Northwestern University, James J. Gillespie, Ph.D. – CEO, Center for Healthcare Innovation, Clare Martorano – SVP WebMD, Timothy J. Theriault – SVP & CIO Walgreens

10:20: Showcase – Dan Wilson – CEO MOXE Health

10:30: Break

10:50 – Keynote – Gary Puckrein, PhD, NMQF

11:15: Panel Discussion – Dr. Giachello (moderator) – School of Medicine, Dan O’Neil – Smart Chicago Collaborative, Gary Puckrein, PhD – NMQF, Dr. Abel Kho – Co-Executive Director of CHITREC, Tim Wisniewski – Director of Civic Technology

12:00: Showcase – Joseph Flesh  – President Purple Binder

12:10: Lunch

12:55: Keynote – Dr. Kaveh Safavi – Managing Director, Accenture Health and Public Service Practice

1:20: Case Study – Dr Wilma Wooten – San Diego County Health & Human Services

1:40 – Panel Discussion – Simmi Singh (moderator) – Head, Healthcare Services and Digital Health,  Damon Davis – Director HHS Healh Data Initiative (HDI), Herbert Quinde – Enterprise Architect, Il HHS Framework Project, Dr Wilma Wooten – San Diego County Health & Human Services, Shell Culp – Chief Deputy Director at Office of Systems Integration, Cal. HHS

2:25: Case Study – Ian Kalin – Director of Open Data Socrata & former Presidential Innovation Fellow

2:45: Break

3:05: Panel Discussion – Stephen Konya – Chief of Staff, COO, IL Dept of Public Health, Daniel Stein – CEO Stewards of Change, Mark Harris – President & CEO, Il Science & Technology Coalition, Dominique Pahud – Director Kauffman Foundation, Matt Wallaert – Behavioral Scientist at Bing

3:50: Case Study – Jim Alexander – Executive Director Sprague Memorial Institute, Dan O’Neil – Smart Chicago Collaborative

4:10: Showcase – Angelica Baltazar – ESRI

4:20: Lightning Round – Dwayne Spradlin (moderator) – CEO HDC, Dr. Kaveh Safav – Managing Director, Accenture Health and Public Service Practice, Dr. LaMar Hasbrouck – Director IL Dept. of Public Health, James J. Gillespie, Ph.D. – CEO, Center for Healthcare Innovation, Clare Martorano – SVP WebMD

4:45: Closing Remarks – Dwayne Spradlin – CEO HDC