18F and the Movement to Show Your Stats

Today, 18F launched an analytics dashboard for government websites and opened sourced both the dashboard  and the app they use to collect the data from Google Analytics.

The data comes from a unified Google Analytics account for U.S. federal government agencies known as the Digital Analytics Program. The dashboard shows how many people are on government websites that are registered with the program (about 300) as well as top 20 data. (Right now, people want to know where their IRS refund is)

Other organizations that show their stats

The federal government isn’t the only one who now shows their stats. Several organizations either publish their stats or have dashboards of their own.

Government Digital Service (United Kingdom)

The GDS set the bar high for government digital services and continues to influence federal policy on this side of the pond with the creation of 18F and the USDS. The GDS operates several different performance dashboards on a wide variety of government functions. Their web traffic performance dashboard can be found here.

Code for America 

Code for America has been experimenting with a website traffic dashboard. It shows what is being searched on the site, active pages, and most popular pages. It also shows the website traffic for the last 24 hours. This website dashboard is open source and can be deployed by anyone. (In fact, this dashboard was fork from the GDS dashboard project.)

Smart Chicago Collaborative 

We are big fans of the show your stats mentality. We use Compte.com to better understand our own metrics. Here’s a sampling our web traffic for our website and the sites we help host.

Our hope is that this trend continues and that more organizations will publish their statistics.